Space Reclamation


Many years ago, I bought a computer desk at Ikea. This was no ordinary desk, as its dimensions (31″ x 63″ ) were designed to hold large (old school) monitors. At one time it held the weight of two 19″ CRT monitors in addition to two of my computer towers. I was always fond of the size of the desk, because of the real estate it afforded me for my use.

Unfortunately, its size also afforded me the opportunity to collect all manner of clutter from around the house. The clutter didn’t merely come from me, it was attracted from everyone in the family. Kids drawings, toys, miscellaneous receipts, contents of pockets all made it to the surface of the desk to coalesce into a mass of chaos.

Additionally, the size of the the desk allowed it to take up a good amount of space in the living room as well. No matter which way it was positioned, the desk became the center point of the room. Restricting the pathway between the dining room and the rest of the house became its secondary task.

A solution was needed, partly because the desk had outlived its purpose and partly because I needed to change something in the house, and rearranging the living room was not a possible choice. So, I replaced the large desk for something smaller, and basically added a spot for a second workstation to run along the wall of the living room, opening up the space in the middle of the room.

IMG_0005The top half of the image is the before, and the bottom half of the image is the after view. The pictures don’t really do it justice as to how much room it created in the room, but there’s enough room now that for a moment the old desk was lined up next to the edge of the couch and there was still room to walk through, albeit cramped.

Turns out I have more clutter to go through, because I have less space to hide it in, but that just gives me an excuse to get rid of/ sell/ purge the stuff that I don’t need/ use/ want any more. And less stuff is a good thing.