Space Rock


On one of the days during my visit to New Mexico, my Brother and I ventured forth into the untouched lands of nature. Recently, in his travels, my Brother has collected a few meteorites. On the first day of my visit, while at his house, my Brother brought me to the mantle at the fireplace and showed me a few rocks. He asked me if I knew what they were, to which I replied I did not. He then produced a magnet, which quickly attached itself to the rock, and then he told me that they were meteorites that he had collected.

While we were out and about, my Brother would point out a few rocks here and there. The first few he told me to grab, since if I were the first person to touch them, then I would have discovered them. From there he’d stop occasionally and point out the dark rocks amidst the sand and gravel of the terrain. It seemed that if he’d find one, we’d circle around and find another 3-10 in varying sizes. At the end of the day we had collected enough to fill a trash can: 70 meteorites and a handful of other rocks that I’ll discuss later.

IMG_0059This is one (of a few) that I brought back to California. The smaller ones were given to my Daughter and this one proudly sits on my desk, a piece of space right there as if it belongs where it sits.

This was the culmination of an adventure, undertaken while in New Mexico, time well spent with my Brother.