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Space Rock

On one of the days during my visit to New Mexico, my Brother and I ventured forth into the untouched lands of nature. Recently, in his travels, my Brother has collected a few meteorites. On the first day of my visit, while at his house, my Brother brought me to the mantle at the fireplace and showed me a few rocks. He asked me if I knew what they were, to which I replied I did not. He then produced a magnet, which quickly attached itself to the rock, and then he told me that they were meteorites that he had collected.

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Bottomless Lakes State Park

IMG_0601The first day of my trip to New Mexico involved a visit to the Bottomless Lakes State Park. It was founded in 1933 as the first state park of New Mexico, and is comprised of nine small lakes that originated as caves along the Pecos River Valley. We spent a majority of our time hiking up and around one lake in particular, the Devil’s Inkwell, so named for its steep sides and algae present in the water. The makeup of the walls and ground surrounding the lake is interesting to say the least. At some places it is the red clay material featured in the top image, while other times the ground appears to be made up of quartz and other crystalline materials.

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